The Twenty-Third Psalm of the Inside

To the lost lamb of my mind

The LORD is the shepherd of my mind; it lacks for nothing, save knowing that it lacks for nothing, as it traverses in emptiness of plains.

He beckons it to lie down, lays out meadow after meadow. He yearns to prove the pastures after pastures are indeed green.

My mind conjures thorns, the barren invisibility, parched grasses. It cries out.

The waters, they are never still.

He cups his hands around me to restore my soul; my mind quells in a whisp of moment just before lashing, distraught.

Peace is sampled, almost tasted.

He leads me down and through the paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake; my mind contends not with the black nor white, but howls and murmurs in all that is grey, it begs for comfort.

The walk is always through the valley of the shadow of death.

Evil without is unfeared; the phantoms come from within and remain within, though the LORD be near with my mind. His rod and staff safeguard from wolves without.

There are no staff and rod for the howls of the deep.

You prepare and set a bountiful table before me, mine own worst enemy; you anoint my mind with healing oil. I am still and imagine it a balm; it does not feel.

The cup runs over; it is fractured and spills upon filling.

If goodness and mercy surely follow, my mind feels them ever far behind. Could they not instead be ahead, or with me, for these many days of my life.

May the house of the LORD be where I live and dwell within. May for ever be peace of mind forever.